Martial Arts Youth Project

The Martial Arts Youth Project is run over 6 or 12 weeks and follows set goals that are set out for the students. Each week is broken down into set tasks and principles of the Martial Art being taught which is Wing Chun Kuen. This art was made famous by Bruce Lee who started this art under his teacher Ip Man in Hong Kong China.  The instructors who teach this project have over 30 years’ experience in training and teaching this style of Martial Art and between them run a Martial Arts school based in Kings Cross London.  Wing Chun itself is a easy and quick Martial Art to learn so makes it the perfect choice to teach with short 6 or 12 week projects. At the end of each course the students will undergo a grading and will receive a certificate upon passing this grade.       

5 Reasons to book this Project. 


Teamwork and Leadership Skills

All the students need to work as part of a team and this is established from day one of the club. Also taking a lead in certain goals and tasks we set as well as helping and encouraging other students. 

Sense of achievement and pride

All of our clubs aim to instill pride and a sense of achievement  

Learning a new skill set

All clubs have set goals and new skills for the children to learn.

Building a connection with local communities and establishing a sense of belonging 

Our Clubs help bridge barriers and bring different groups together. We begin to see friendships and partnerships made and a sense of belonging and pride in their school and classes. 

Building Confidence and Self Esteem 

We often see confidence sky rocket in the students who take part in our clubs the fact that they have completed a task that they set out to do in the beginning of the course will cross over to any task they will set for themselves and will help with any goals they want to set in their future. 

Example 6 week timetable 

Week 1

Introduction, Focusing on basic striking, Stance and Footwork

Week 2

Section 1 of The Wing Chun First Form and its applications , Grab and Hold escapes, Footwork and Stances

Week 3

Section 2 of The Wing Chun First Form and its applications, 4 basic Kicks, hand trapping, and basic punch defence.

Week 4

Section 3 of The Wing Chun First Form and its applications, Basic self-defence and conflict avoidance. 

Week 5

Section 4 of the Wing Chun First Form and its applications, Trips, Throws and sweeps more advance kicking techniques.

Week 6

Completion of First form and review of all applications and techniques taught, presentation of completion and first level in Wing Chun.