Martial Arts After School Club

The Martial Arts Club is our most popular After School Club and is unique to Streetwise Kids. The Club is run by two very experienced Martial Artist who have over 30 years of experience between them.

Each Club is organised over a 6 or 12 week Term and as set goals for the children to achieve. At the end of each club all children will receive a certificate of achievement


Example 6 week timetable 

Week 1

Introduction, Focusing on basic striking, Stance and Footwork

Week 2

Section 1 of The Wing Chun First Form and its applications , Grab and Hold escapes, Footwork and Stances

Week 3

Section 2 of The Wing Chun First Form and its applications, 4 basic Kicks, hand trapping, and basic punch defence.

Week 4

Section 3 of The Wing Chun First Form and its applications, Basic self-defence and conflict avoidance. 

Week 5

Section 4 of the Wing Chun First Form and its applications, Trips, Throws and sweeps more advance kicking techniques.

Week 6

Completion of First form and review of all applications and techniques taught, presentation of completion and first level in Wing Chun.

5 Reasons to book this club. 

Improved behaviour

In all our clubs we teach the children meditation which not only aids in concentration and focus but as been shown to have a positive effect on general behaviour and with children who have ADHD. In recent years there has been a lot of research carried out on treating children with ADHD using meditation. A joint study by Natural Therapies Unit of The Royal Hospital for Woman in Sydney Australia and The Institute of Psychiatry Kings College London concluded that the use of meditation with children who have the ADHD disorder showed a significant reduction in the main symptoms of hyperactivity, Impulsiveness and inattention. Furthermore, it was noted that it showed an improved parent child relationship and a sense of self-esteem. We have had many teachers and parents comment to us that they have seen a marked improvement in the children both in school and at home, parent have also informed us that their child will often practice meditation at home and also teach their siblings how to meditate.

Focus and Listening Skills

Training will increase the children’s attention span whilst focusing on the task at hand. This will also help in improving their listening and reaction skills. As a result, the children will excel in any physical activity or sport they take part in but will also improve their ability to stay focused in school and at home. We have had a lot feedback from teachers and parents saying how much a child as improved in school and at home after taking part in this club.

Sense of accomplishment

We set certain tasks and goals for the children who take part in the club which will involve learning forms, certain moves, meditation and working towards a grade. This allows the child to witness first hand that working hard and aiming high will lead to success. This transfers over to all endeavours the children are tasked with either in the club or in the classroom and leads to a sense of accomplishment.

Health and Fitness

It is important for every child to understand even from an early age that being healthy and fit is very important, kung fu training is the perfect way to get this point across to the children. In the class the children will take part physical activity but they will also learn how to warm up and warm down correctly and take part in healthy exercise that is done in a fun and action packed way.

Having Fun.

The most important part of the club each session Fun and action packed each session is developed for the children not to just gain from all the positive outcomes of training in a Martial Art but to also have great fun doing it.