Bike Project

The Bike Project is the most popular youth project that we run, currently Streetwise Kids works in partnership with Camden and Islington Councils in providing this unique project for their youth offending departments, we also provide this service to various youth clubs in London. The project can be organised to two ways
  1. We can provide the complete setup including bikes and a bike mechanic.
  2. We can provide the bike Mechanic 
How does the Bike Project Work?   The project is 6 weeks in length and takes the students through a step-by-step guide of how to maintain, repair and build their bikes. The bikes that we use are in various states of repair but are all modern bikes that when completed will be as good as new. At the end of the 6-week project, the students will all receive the bike that they have been working on free of charge.  

5 Reasons to book this Project. 

Teamwork and leadership skills 

All the students need to work as part of a team and this is established from day one of the project. Also taking a lead in building and repairing bikes as well as helping others on the project is encouraged from the very start of the project.

Sense of achievement and pride

To be able to repair and build your own bike as well as learn a new skill helps build this

Learning a new skill set

We have had many students who have gone on to establish their own projects or even start their own businesses after they have completed this course.

Building a connection with local communities and establishing a sense of belonging 

All projects are run within the students own communities and help bridge barriers and bring different groups together. We begin to see friendships and partnerships made and a sense of belonging and pride in their won community being established within the students who take part.

Building Confidence and Self Esteem 

We often see confidence sky rocket in the students who take part in this course the fact that they have completed a task that they set out to do in the beginning of the course will cross over to any task they will set for themselves and will help with any goals they want to set in their future. 



Example 6 week timetable 

6 Week Unit Lesson Plan

Contents of 2 or 3 hour weekly lessons

Week 1 Introduction

Introduction to the group explaining who Streetwise Bikes are and what the project will contain. Then the members of the group will introduce themselves.

Establishing Ground rule which will be discussed and finalised by the group

The goals of the course

Health & Safety

Viewing the bikes

Week 2 Brakes and Cables

Brake assembly and maintenance 

How to install new cables

How to install new brake blokes

How to fine tune the brakes

Week 3 Gear Assembly

Gear Assembly

How to replace gear cables

front derailleur adjustment and fitting

Rear derailleur adjustment and fitting

Fine tuning

Week 4 Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tire replacement and repair

Replacing and repairing inner tubes

How to repair punctures

Wheel alinement

Week 5 Bottom Bracket, Headset and Chain

Check and repair bottom bracket

Check and repair Headset

Replace or repair Chain

Grease and maintain Chain

Week 6 Setting up bike and safety checks

Setting up overall bike

Complete safety checks of bikes

Q&A with members of the group

Completion of feedback forms by group