Allstars After School Club

The Allstars Club is a great addition to any schools after school club program, it is based on athletic sports but is designed to be played indoors.  Each week the children will be introduced to a new event and at the end on the term they will take part in a mini Olympics. The sports covered include. 100 metre dash  4x100 metre relay indoor shot-put  indoor soft javelin  Indoor rounders  As well as the events mentioned we also include many more game favourites and some games that are unique to Streetwise Kids for example the Boat Game which is designed with the purpose of teaching the children the values of teamwork. 

Example 6 week timetable 

Week 1

Classic 100 Metre Dash

Week 2

4x100 Metre Dash

Week 3

Soft Shotput

Week 4

Soft Javelin

Week 5

Indoor Rounders

Week 6

Mini Olympics

5 Reasons to book this club. 

Health and Fitness 

Each club will include a warm up and warm down at the beginning and end of the class. Also this club as well as being fun and action packed is also great for the general health and fitness of the children. 


We include many games that are team orientated and this allows the children to understand the importance of teamwork and working together to achieve set goals. 


Taking part in sports and team games is a great way for children to gain confidence. In addition we also present the children with medals and certificates for taking part, showing improvement and of course winning an event.

Concentration and listening skills    

We have found that the children who take part in this club show a general improvement in both concentration and their listening skills. We have had both teachers and parents remark to us that they have seen a marked improvement in class and at home.

Having Fun

The most important part of the club each session is Fun and action packed each class is developed for the children not to just gain from all the positive outcomes of training in athletics but to also have great fun doing it.